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Reimagine your industrial robot as a 3D printer.

Access documentation, downloads, tutorials, and guidelines to help you use ADAXIS AdaOne software for robotic 3D printing.

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Path planning strategies

Unlock the potential of multi-axis 3D printing.

We have implemented a wide variety of path planning strategies which unlocks the power of 6-axis industrial robots for both manufacturing and repair, such as:

...and much more.

Deposit material at an angle, defined by any desired slicing plane. This strategy can often reduce the need for excessive internal or external support material.


Process and robot agnostic.

We're constantly pushing to make additive manufacturing accessible for every industrial robot, 3D printing process and material.

Robot brands

Currently supported


Work in progress

Universal Robots

Manufacturing processes

Currently supported

Filament extrusion
Pellet extrusion
Concrete extrusion
Wire Arc AM
Wire Laser AM
Laser Metal Deposition

Built for flexibility

Streamlined workflow from design to finished part.